Starting with 11 of November: Hype Colosseum Mall – A new destination, twice the fun!

On Saturday November 11th, the Hype Colosseum entertainment center opens, with an area of around 2,500 square meters and multiple attractions for families with children, but also for teenagers & adults. Hype Colosseum will also cater to the events segment, for birthdays, product launches, company team buildings and activities run by school groups for educational and recreational purposes.

The space will integrate trampoline park areas, climbing, obstacle course, suspended adventure trail, arcade games, slide maze, restaurant and bar, a dedicated party area and a space for immersive and virtual reality experiences.

The climbing area will bring different panels to the other locations. Among the most anticipated new features are a giant octopus tentacle and a dark burl. In addition to a new type of Ninja Warrior, a new attraction will also be coming that consists of a multi-level maze with many high slides. The suspended urban jungle trail will be built on two floors, with obstacles at about 10 feet and 20 feet for an extra level of challenge.

At the same time, the trampoline park, with basketball, free fall and many other new areas, will complete the “menu” of fun. In terms of virtual reality, Hype Colosseum will introduce a new concept of immersive experiences with multi-player arenas and dozens of individual simulators.

We are waiting for you to come and enjoy this new attraction!



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