Art. 1. The Colosseum Retail Park shopping center (hereinafter referred to as “Shopping Center“, or “Colosseum Retail Park” or “Colosseum”) is located in Bucharest, 284 Chitilei Road, 1st District, it is a private property and this Regulation applies to all visitors of the Shopping Center, within all its areas (including, without limitation, the interior and exterior of the Shopping Center, parking place, green areas, streets and pedestrian alleys of the Shopping Center);

The visitors are bound to respect these regulations, created to ensure a pleasant and safe environment. Therefore, the Colosseum reserves the right to select its customers, to prohibit access or expel the people who fail to observe the provisions of this Regulation from the Shopping Center premises. Visitors can be held responsible for direct and indirect losses caused to the Shopping Center, its owner, its tenants, employees, collaborators and even other visitors.

Art. 2. The Colosseum is equipped with video surveillance, according to the stipulations of the Romanian Legislation (Art. 333/2003), like it was or will be modified in the future

Colosseum Retail Park is open and the stores are operational for 12 months per year, from Monday to Sunday inclusively, non-stop between 09.00 AM and 09.00 PM, and without an annual closing period, except for the Hypermarket within CRP and the “Do It Yourself” stores, which are open for business from early morning to late in in the evening.

Art. 4. Business hours may be subject to change, in which case the visitors of the Shopping Center will be informed through posters displayed inside the Shopping Center.

Art. 5   Access Ways for Visitors and the Visitor Access

5.1 The access for Colosseum visitors is allowed from Chitilei Road and from Constantin Godeanu Street.

5.2 The access of the visitors into the Colosseum, including in the parking area, is permitted starting from 08.00 AM.

5.3 Starting from 10.00 PM, visitor access to the Colosseum is no longer permitted.

5.4 After 10.00 PM hours, the visitors will be invited to evacuate the Colosseum.

5.5 The Operating Schedule can be modified by the Manager.

Art. 6   Access with Pets and Assistance Animals

6.1 Due to safety and health reasons accessing the Colosseum with pets is prohibited.

6.2 By way of exception, access to the Colosseum with guide dogs leading blind people, security dogs pertaining to the guard and security services of the Colosseum or with animals offered for sale by the Tenants is allowed within the Premises assigned to such business activities.e.

Art. 7   Traffic Rules

7.1 Traffic rules for circulating on public roads, as provided by the Romanian laws in force shall be applied within the Colosseum Retail Park parking lot, as well as on the access roads and car ramps for accessing the parking lot.

7.2 It is mandatory to observe the signs, markings and road indicators placed within Colosseum parking lot, as well as on the exterior roads and the ramps designed for road vehicle access into the parking lot.

7.3 Car stopping and parking, including taxis (regardless if they are waiting on call made by a client) shall be done subject to observing the existing markings and indicators, without blocking the exits and roadway; drivers must not occupy two parking spaces for one vehicle, must not park on the roadway, green spaces, sidewalks, by the access routes, by pedestrian crossings, on areas designed for people with disabilities, in the RATB (Autonomous Transport Enterprise of Bucharest) station, taxi stands and in other places outside the areas designed and marked as parking spaces. In case of failure to observe these restrictions, Colosseum observes the right to remove or lock illegally parked cars;

7.4. Testing, car races and drifts, unorganized car competitions are prohibited

Art. 8   Rules of Access into/from the Parking Lot

8.1 The parking lot of the Colosseum comprises a number of 2,390 individual parking places, subject to change due to future development.

8.2 Access to the parking lot may only be done from the access roads where the entry permit is indicated.

8.3 It is prohibited to access or attempt to enter the parking lot while the barrier is down or descending, during red traffic lights or when the security agents of the Colosseum signal the access interdiction (such situations usually occur during the period when the parking lot is fully or partially closed to public access, in special emergency cases or when all parking places are occupied).

8.4 Vehicles accessing the Colosseum parking lot must comply with the legal conditions provided by the Romanian laws.

8.5 Access into the Colosseum parking lot, in the terms hereof, is free of charge.

8.6 The Colosseum parking lot may not be used for any purpose other than its destination.

Art. 9 Parking Regulations for Customers

9.1 Motor vehicles

(a) Only motor vehicles belonging to clients/consumers of the Colosseum are allowed within the parking lot, according to the Shopping Center access rules described above in Chapter II and in Chapter IV.

(b). The quartering or parking of vehicles in the parking lot within the 11:00 PM and 08:00 AM time interval shall be prohibited under the sanction of locking and removing the vehicles at the expense of their owners by means of a specialized trading company.

(c) Vehicle parking may only be performed in places specially designed and signaled by markings, so that the parked vehicle should be located within two side lanes (markings) that delimit the parking place.

(d) Parking or quartering shall be prohibited at the entrances and exits into/from the parking lot, on the access roads into/from the parking lot, on emergency exit routes, at emergency exit doors, as well as on or within the parking places reserved for other vehicle categories (especially quartering or parking on or within places reserved for disabled persons, marked as such, of vehicles driven by persons other than those to whom the respective place is reserved)

(e) The following shall be strictly prohibited inside the parking lot: regular or emergency repair activities of cars, as well as any similar interventions, aspect enhancement or car washing activities, the dumping of residues in places other than those specially designed.


9.2 Bicycles

The parking of bicycles belonging to Colosseum clients/ consumers is only permitted in places specially arranged and signaled as such, by applying all access rules and restrictions itemized in the previous paragraphs.

9.3 Other categories of vehicles

The access of other categories of vehicles (utility vans, construction, farm vehicles, etc.) inside the parking lot reserved to customers is prohibited. Insofar it is necessary that a vehicle from another category should enter the Colosseum, such vehicle may only enter and park within the delivery and supply parking area.


By way of exception, the Manager may authorize the entry and parking of taxis for the use of customers in previously delimited special areas, during Business Hours.

Art. 10 Security Rules within the Parking Lot

10.1 The Colosseum parking lot is equipped with access restriction systems, video surveillance systems and a security service; however, the Colosseum is not liable for the safety and integrity of the vehicles and the goods quartered therein.

10.2 In order to prevent any incidents, the following safety measures are recommended for the parking lot users:

  • the security staff shall be promptly notified if suspicious persons or activities are noticed inside the parking, as well as in the case damages, accidents or potentially dangerous situations (e.g. leaks of fuel);
  • vehicles in the parking lot shall be left locked and with the anti-burglary system activated, if necessary;
  • they shall check whether the windows of the car are closed before leaving the car in the parking lot;
  • car keyes shall not be entrusted to unknown persons or such that introduce themselves as employees of the Colosseum Retail Park;
  • luggage, valuables or other goods shall not be left in sight, and shall be stored in the trunk during parking;
  • the location of the vehicle (parking area, space number, etc.) shall be remembered before leaving the vehicle in the parking area.

10.3 If one finds that a vehicle may pose a hazard to the health or integrity of persons, of the commodities or of the Colosseum due to any circumstances (e.g. leaks of fuel are noticed), a specialized trading company shall be contacted to remove such vehicle, at the expense of its owner.

Art. 11    Sanctioning Breaches of the Parking Regulation

11.1 All users of the parking lot are under the obligation to have exhibit civilized and polite attitude towards the other road traffic participants, towards the other persons using the parking lot and other parts of the Colosseum which may be accessed by the public, as well as towards the employees of the Colosseum or of the service providers servicing the parking lot.

11.2 It is prohibited to abandon shopping carts or other objects in locations where they would block the traffic or the parking/starting maneuvers within the parking lot.

11.3 Car drivers shall be liable to ensure the observance of the parking regulation by the passengers of the vehicles.

11.4 The consequences of failing to observe the parking regulation are:

  • the immobilization of the vehicle in question;
  • the removal of the vehicle in question by a specialized company, at the expense of the holder;
  • the prohibition of access inside the Colosseum parking lot.

11.5 Each of these measures may be taken without prior approval.

11.6 For any prejudice inflicted upon the Colosseum caused by or in relation to the failure to observe any rules presented in this chapter, the defaulting person(s) shall be liable to fully and correspondingly compensate the Landlord, upon the simple request of his representatives.

Art. 12    Rules of General Use

12.1 All persons using the common areas designed for visitors shall observe the conduct, health and security conduct, health and security Regulation or displayed by the Manager and they shall not cause disturbances, discomfort or dangerous situations for the other users; they shall also not interfere in any way in the operation of the Colosseum or in the exercise of job responsibilities of the Center’s employees or of the suppliers servicing the Center.

12.2 The traffic of bicycles, roller skates, motor vehicles or the practicing of roller-boarding, skateboarding is prohibited in such areas.

Art.13 Publicity/Commercials/Advertising/Questionnaires and Market Studies

13.1 Colosseum is a private property open to the public. As such, market studies and questionnaires (save those authorized by the Manager), the distribution of any documents or the development of any organized events (save those organized by the Manager) are prohibited under the sanction of eviction.

13.2 Display or advertising not authorized by the Manager is also prohibited under the sanction of immediate removal at the expense of the perpetrator.

13.3 Any such activity may be carried out within the limit and by the strict observance of the authorized conditions, under the sanction of withdrawing such authorization and under the sanction of eviction.

Art. 14 Photos and Videos

14.1 Taking photos or filming videos within the areas destined to customers is not permitted, under the sanction of eviction, save the cases authorized by the Manager.

14.2 Any person wishing to take photos or film persons, objects or parts of the Colosseum shall address the Manager in advance in order to obtain the authorization.

Art. 15    Smoking

15.1 Due to the fact that the Colosseum is a place open to public access, in its Common Areas (inclusively in restrooms, leased Premises, safety exits, halls, etc) smoking is prohibited.

15.2 By way of exception, smoking may be permitted in areas specially designed for smoking, with the prior approval of the Landlord and/or Manager, under the following conditions:

  • smoking places should be marked in a visible place with special indicators, so that any person should be warned about the fact that smoking is allowed only within such space.

15.3 If the special legislation regulating smoking is amended, for the purpose of limiting or prohibiting smoking in Premises (inclusively in Premises specially arranged for smoking), the conditions stipulated in this Regulation shall be appropriately amended.

Art. 16    Unauthorized Activities

16.1 Common areas designed for public access are not designed for carrying out commercial activities, save the cases in which the Manager authorizes such activities.

16.2     In case of organizing promotional events or other marketing activities, traveling musicians, interpreters, singers or orchestras may carry out their specific activities within the Colosseum only subject to the approval of the Manager.

16.3     Unauthorized reunions or meetings of persons, such as those of political, religious, propaganda, sporting nature, gambling, etc., as well as any activities of illegal nature shall also be prohibited within the common areas.


Art. 17 Waste disposal

17.1 Waste shall be removed and only be stored in special bins, compliant with the regulation in force; Under no circumstances may waste be incinerated within the Colosseum.

17.2 Using shopping carts for the transport of garbage is strictly prohibited. In case selective waste will be implemented, the visitors must comply.


Art. 18 Shopping Carts

18.1 Large stores within the Colosseum may provide their customers with shopping carts which are owned by such stores and under the liability of such stores. The customers are kindly requested to return the shopping carts to the places specially designed for this purpose.


Art. 19 Security Rules (control of goods and persons)


The security personnel appointed by the Manager may perform the control of all persons using any of the service areas, the control of goods introduced by the same or taken out of such areas, as well as the body search in justified cases.

Art. 20 Access within the Colosseum is prohibited for:

– persons under the age of 14, not accompanied by an adult;

– persons under the influence of alcohol, drugs, hallucinogenic substances and narcotic drugs;

– persons with an indecent, dirty, inappropriate conduct, inciting to violence or promoting racial slurs;

– persons wearing clothing or accessories containing fascist, racist or xenophobic messages;

– persons with an indecent, aggressive, recalcitrant conduct, affecting the order and composure of the other visitors;

– persons holding any type of weapons, ammunition, sharp objects, save for the personnel, state authority personnel or authorized security personnel;

– persons holding drugs, narcotic drugs, toxic materials or substances, explosives, flammable, irritant-tear inducing substances, or any other substances/materials considered hazardous by the laws in force;

– persons with kick scooters, bicycles, roller blades, skate boards, segways or other means of travel, except for the special equipment/apparatuses used by persons with disabilities or by the employees of the Shopping Center, used as response machinery;

– persons with balls, marbles and other games/toys/objects which may affect the safe displacement of the other visitors;

– outside the Shopping Center business hours for the respective area;

Art. 21 Visitor Obligations

– not to leave personal effects unattended, as the Shopping Center will not be liable for the disappearance thereof;

– to throw packaging, residue, cigarette butts and trash of any nature in the specially designed trash bins or ash trays;

– to maintain cleanliness within the Shopping Center;

– not to generate or to prevent the generation of vibration and powerful noise by screaming, clamor or other troubling sounds or by using a megaphone, telephone, toys or other audio/video equipment at a high sound level, except when organizing concerts or events authorized by the Colosseum Retail Park.

– not to cause and to prevent actions which may generate dust or smells which can affect the other visitors.




Art. 22. The following actions are strictly prohibited in all areas of the Colosseum:

– the access of visitors in all storage areas, annexes or technical areas of the Shopping Center;

– scratching, inscribing, painting, soiling with any substance, dismantling, moving, breaking, damaging or destroying the indoor furniture (benches, tables, chairs, trash bins, etc.) as well as any installations, equipment, constructive or decorative elements of the Shopping Center.

– audio recording without the prior written consent of the Manager;

– begging, selling or collecting any kind of products, events or public, political or religious meetings, protests, auctions, tastings, exhibitions, shows, organization of charitable events, artistic representations (by actors, orchestras, choirs, dancers, etc.), improvisations, flash mobs, games or any other events designed for the public, without the prior written consent of the CRP management;

– high pitch conversations, cursing, insults or threats, aggressive behavior;

– consumption of food and beverages, other than the ones sold and consumed within the premises of the specially designed areas of the Shopping Center;

– use of drugs, narcotic drugs and other hallucinogenic substances;

– activities which may cause prejudice of any kind for the Shopping Center and the economic agents present therein, boycotting of the activities thereof, promoting third parties / competitors of the Shopping Center or the economic agents present, including without limitation the organization of groups displaying common messages (t-shirts, banners, advertising boards, etc.);

– staying within the Shopping Center after the end of business hours for the respective day;




This regulation may be modified by the Manager of the Shopping Center at any time deemed necessary and shall be communicated to the visitors via specific information means.